May the sunshine fall on your face and the wind be at your back
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i thought i was going to end up with a boy favourite but it was a false alarm, all g folks, i just watched the trailers and found out that 1) the fight choreo is really top notch in this show and b. Yang Xiao Long is a chinese girl who literally punches bullets so like crisis averted

I like that Yang observation because it’s like “Does she punch bullets out of the air? Or do her punches shoot bullets?” Answer: yes

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I know it's a bit early but could you draw ryuko and mako dressing up for Halloween? ☆〜(ゝ。∂)


They were going to a halloween party, Mako said “Hey, let’s dress up in a funny twister couple outfit thingy!” Ryuko responded with “There’s no way in hell I’m wearing that.” after seeing what it was that made the outfit ‘funny’. But it was too late, Mako had already started started putting hers on

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As soon as I learned Nicki Minaj voiced Sugilite, I had to


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how to be smooth as hell with your crush